Why Carillon?



The number one priority for professional music makers we speak to is "for someone else to take care of the grief". 

Carillon's bespoke audio PC systems integrate hardware and software as never before. Painstaking attention to detail means we worry about stuff like low-level Windows settings, and leave you with the creative dilemmas.
When we draw up the brief for each Carillon Audio System, it's function rather than form at the top of the page. Every system is configured with a group of users in mind or, as in the case of our high-end sampler, to fulfill a particular role. We factor in level of expertise, the type of music you will be making, the relative importance of the different elements of the recording process and of course financial constraints.
Carillon has direct access to thousands of audio software and hardware products. Critically, our selection of components for each system is totally independent and uninfluenced by any supplier large or small. Our sole aim is to select the best performing component in its role but only provided each is optimally matched within the system. 

Our selections are based on rigorous testing, active participation in user forums, up to the minute market information, and literally thousands of man years experience with hundreds of brands. For example: although the popular sequencer packages are becoming increasingly multi-faceted, subtle nuances within programs favour different styles and ways of working. 

Our engineers' experience is our number one benefit. Each Carillon Audio System is carefully designed like a dedicated hardware product to be produced in large numbers so you don't have to be the guinea pig.


The Carillon design and engineering team has drawn on experience gained over almost two decades in the development of several of Britain's most prestigious audio products.

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A PC fully loaded for audio can weigh in at as much as 50lb - heavier than most studio power amps. The design of a 19" rack mount enclosure to safely support this type of load, and accommodate requirements for a high level of access and connectivity, presented several unique challenges.

The box we settled on is over- engineered from high grade aluminium and 2mm fourteen gauge steel to provide an incredibly strong and totally rigid housing. A full 4U height contributes to a particularly well cooled, spacious interior with generous capacity for retro-fit components.

Our massive front panel is precision die cast in ADC 12/LM2 aluminium alloy by 10,000psi high pressure casting machines. This method is far more costly than regular gravity die casting but delivers a stronger, more consistent material, cast to much closer tolerances.

Nowhere is our heavy duty approach more appropriate than on the road and we believe that these products will put an unprecedented number of computers into live and mobile recording use.


4u 6 Cores 12 cores 12 threads 16 thread 19" 24 threads AC1 Core 2 high end i5 i7 Pianoteq Quad Core rackmount Sandybridge-E tower uad Xeon