CPU Core 3

Intel 10K Series with up to 10 Cores 30 Threads running at up to 4.8GHz. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit and this is the part that provides the grunt to load plugins. We use Intel CPUs throughout our lineup due to their performance when working a low latency with audio, this affects overdubbing and playing virtual instruments, especially when playing through effects such as guitar amp simulators, it's the time between something going into the computer and out the headphones/speakers and a delay here can be really off putting as it's not what the brain expects when close to a source.

There are two main things to look for in the CPU, Cores/Threads and clock speed (given in GHz) basically the bigger the better for both. We are getting into serious power here with Carillon Core 3, with high clock speed and thread count. These systems are capable of handling very large mix/mastering sessions and big music production with virtual instruments, if you are working on large compositions, often with large orchestral scores then it might be worth looking at the Carillon Core 4 model but for everything else this is probably the model to go for. As always though, if in doubt ask us!